Where Our Food Comes From. 

Cask & Schooner believes in the value of local, sustainable food.  Our friends and farmers harvest from our beloved seas and our islands' lands. We value our guests and commit to offering fresh and organic meals gathered from shores to farms to table.

Here are a few of our favorite local suppliers:

Matt's fresh fish

Matt Marinkovich gillnets for salmon out of Friday Harbor, WA. and Bristol Bay, Alaska. He sells his catch locally on San Juan Island, and starting fall of 2016 he will be selling fish in Seattle at Fishermen’s Terminal on the West Wall.  In Bristol Bay he fishes with his daughters Madeline and Sophia, and his wife Maureen holds down the fort when Matt's fishing, and does the books and handles the web page and our fish emails.

In August Matt catches and sells his sockeye, pink, chinook (king), coho (silver), and keta (chum) salmon. Every fish is bled and iced immediately, then dressed and packed in ice shortly after. Matt fishes close to home so the fish are usually available within hours of being caught.

Matt sells his fish directly to customers.  Whether it is freshly caught, frozen, or canned, he emails customers (and Facebook and Twitter) when and where Matt will be and people meet him to get their fish.  They will hold fish for you if you can't get there right away, provided it works with Matt's schedule.


Blue moon produce

Blue Moon Produce is located on the northeast side of Waldron Island at Point Hammond Farm. On about 5 acres of sandy loam soil, farming partners Rebecca Moore and Carla Jo Larmore have been growing a full range of vegetables, herbs, garlic, berries, and cut flowers since 1999. While not certified organic, Blue Moon is dedicated to ecological farming practices and uses no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides. Their farm is a homestead farm and are aiming at food security for themselves as well as enough extra to sell as a cash crop to sustain their families. They have a long-standing, committed crew, who work with them to grow healthy and nutritious food for their community. Blue Moon products are distributed solely in the San Juan Islands, and can be found at the Orcas and San Juan Island Farmers’ Markets, the San Juan Island Food Co-op, at many local restaurants, and through a weekly CSA program. Their quality standards are high and are proud of the excellent produce they provide. The sustainability of the farm is directly linked to the health and resilience of our county-wide community, so they are particularly interested in efforts that are looking ahead to the challenges of peak oil and climate change.  .


bakery san juan

Loved by locals and visitors alike, Bakery San Juan opened their doors in 2008 and have been a Friday Harbor favorite ever since. Indulge your sweet tooth with fresh pastries, cookies and fine cakes, or treat yourself to a satisfying sandwich or slice of artisan, thin crust pizza. They use wild yeast in the majority of their breads and pizza dough, so you can be sure your baked good is full of flavor, texture and deliciousness. 


Wescott bay shellfish

The site of Westcott Bay Shellfish Co was once a thriving shellfish operation (called Westcott Bay Seafarms), with its renowned oysters appearing on menus all across the country. Over the years the farm went into steady decline until it was eventually put up for sale as a home site. With deep roots in the San Juan Islands (particularly Henry Island where they live) Erik and Andrea Anderson purchased the farm in 2013 with the dream of rebuilding the farm to its former glory.

Renaming the farm Westcott Bay Shellfish Company, Erik and Andrea embarked on the first priority of acquiring seed and replanting not only the depleted oyster crop, but also the clam beds and mussel nets. The farm infrastructure was in dire need of rebuilding and replacing as well, so the next three years were spent rebuilding the 400-foot long pier, replacing the docking floats, the tank storage shed, as well as constructing a brand new retail/packing structure, and the new Net Shed, a place to hold small events on the farm. 

Westcott Bay Shellfish Company has a friendly, laid-back vibe, thanks to a great group of people who have come together with the common vision to create a thriving shellfish farm that provides a unique and enjoyable farm experience. And Erik and Andrea have been known to recruit visiting family and friends to throw on some muck boots and get busy when there's a low tide and a couple hundred thousand oyster seed to plant.                                                        

Full list of local suppliers: Bakery San Juan, Blue moon produce, Nick Nash, Greg Black, Jason black, Heuristic Enterprises, Jere lord, Local Goods Coffee, Judd Cove Shellfish, Mama Bird Farms, Matt Marinkovitch, North Sound Seafood (Keith Porter), Ron's Island Meats, Friday Harbor 4H, Shoal Bay Shellfish, Westcott bay shellfish, Sweet Earth Farms, Salish Seaweeds, Fishing Vessel St. Jude (Seattle), Island Hoppin' Brewery, San Juan Vineyards